Imagine a world where you're comfortable in your own skin. Where you're not constantly comparing yourself to another human, or being bombarded with ads on "how to fix" this or that. A world where women celebrate each other and lift each other up. Where we help each other grow. We all have our own strengths and unique qualities, we should be able to share those with the world without fear of judgement or ridicule. A world where we're celebrated and praised for more than just our bodies.
This is the world I dream of...



Fill out this super short questionnaire and we'll schedule a video chat to get to know each other. We'll talk about your goal for your shoot, what to wear, pricing, and any hesitations you may be having.

There is absolutely no pressure to schedule your shoot during this chat, look at it as simply a meet and greet.


All typical sessions include hair and make-up by my incredibly talented HMUA Sarah Boucher of Wild Bees Beauty. If you have specific creative ideas we'll discuss that during your consult (things like incorporating certain props or food.) There will always be music and snacks!
You can expect your entire experience to last about 3 hours.


You'll receive a gallery link with lightly edited images within 72 hours. Once you've decided on which package you want to go with and selected your favorite images, I will complete the full edit and place your order. Orders typically take about 4 weeks to receive. I do offer payment plans, and orders will be placed once you're paid in full. If you're traveling from out of town, I can have your products shipped directly to you.

Our bodies are incredible, and they absolutely deserve to be celebrated! However, we are more than our bodies. We've been taught to be ashamed of our bodies, spent years hating them, trying to change them, cover them up. We have all fought hard mental and physical fights with ourselves.
I want you to heal those wounds. 
I don't want you to fight with yourself anymore.
I want you to love yourself.